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This package makes it easy to to calculate entropy-based segregation indices, such as the Mutual Information Index (M) and Theil’s Information Index (H). It also implements several methods to decompose the difference between two M indices.

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Tidylog provides feedback about basic data manipulations when using dplyr. This is inspired by other statistical software, such as Stata, which will give better feedback than R in many situations. Once enabled, tidylog will let you know how many rows you removed when filtering…

filtered <- filter(mtcars, cyl == 4)
#> filter: removed 21 out of 32 rows (66%)

… or how many cases you recoded:

recoded <- mutate(mtcars, am = recode(am, `0 `= 2))
#> mutate: changed 19 values (59%) of 'am' (0 new NA)

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