Academic Workshops

Introduction to R for the Social Sciences (invited 3-day workshop), Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, May 2021

  • This workshop gives an introduction to the statistical programming environment R, with a focus on techniques that are especially useful for the social sciences. The material covers basic programming with R, data manipulation with the ‘tidyverse’ suite of packages, and plotting using the ‘ggplot2’ package. The workshop also introduces best-practice approaches to the estimation of (generalized) linear models and extensions (fixed effects, mixed/multilevel models, instrumental variables, etc.). The workshop is designed with the needs of Stata users in mind who have not had much or any experience with R.
  • Example slides: Regression tables and coefficient plots and Exercise sheet

Panel Data Analysis (invited 2-day workshop), University of Melbourne, February 2018

Columbia University

Global Urbanism (Teaching assistant with separate discussion class), Columbia University, Fall 2018

Methods for Social Research (Teaching assistant), Columbia University, Spring 2016